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The village of Kivalina's brave stand

Alaska Inupiaq villages, climate chaos and hunger

In my last post I wrote about Shishmaref's world-renowned struggle to survive in the face of massive climate change and their vote to relocate. This time it is Kivalina, a village in even more dire straits. (Actually, all of Alaska's 200 coastal and river bank villages are in dire straits and facing food shortages and hunger, as are all of Canada's and Russia's northern villages, and of course the Saami in N. Scandinavia are gravely threatened as seen with last week's abnormally huge lightning strike killing 300 reindeer in one fell swoop; meanwhile reindeer in Siberia upon whom the nomadic tribes rely are perishing from reactivated anthrax as the tundra thaws ).  

See the great article in LA Times re Kivalina. 

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