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Suicide epidemics in First Nations, Native Alaskans, AU Aborigines, other indigenous tribes, and working class whites

This caught my eye today in the Guardian "State of emergency declared over suicide epidemic in Canadian First Nation community" - it is good the new government is paying heed - Alas, this suicide epidemic is worldwide among indigenous tribes, has been for some decades but is getting worse, it is not just a "northern" or "Native" problem, as now a wave is hitting working class middle aged whites in the USA, (as well as in Greece and other European countries and Sub-Saharan African and Middle Eastern nations hit hard economically and under austerity and huge cultural loss/disruption)- and leaders want to understand why... or they say they do.

Suicide is a big element in my novel Flight of the Goose, set in a northern Native village struggling with the trauma of huge cultural upheaval and loss. 

The theme of suicide has been upsetting to some of my tender readers who are not part of the regions where this epidemic is striking, but as Native American author Sherman Alexie told an audience of well-to-do mostly white parents in Seattle, some of whom were concerned about his use in YA lit of the suicide and tragic, untimely death theme, (and I paraphrase him) he writes about what is happening to young people all over the place - youth ARE killing themselves in great numbers, and why hide it, is it not more dangerous to hide it?  

Unfortunately, India adds to this tragic list as disconsolate farmers commit suicide in a record drought and now, heatwave in April - 

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